rethinking damian ortega’s work – reconfiguring objects

October 17th, 20108:33 pm @ awolf


rethinking damian ortega’s work – reconfiguring objects

Damian Ortega is a mexican artist who’s work centers on mundane objects that he reconfigures, taking them apart and putting them together in display creating a new way of looking at things.

In Cosmic Thing (2002), Ortega disassembled a Volkswagen Beetle car and re-composed it piece by piece, suspended from wire in mid-air, in the manner of a mechanic’s instruction manual. (

We think that this idea of deconstructing and reconstructing allows a new way of relating to everyday objects that could lead us to deeper thoughts in terms of consumption and functionality. It is also interesting to think in different spatial and visual ways of representation, using fragmentation and the relation between the hole and its parts. Bringing it to the field of multichannel video installations, we had in mind that video itself is fragmentation. The frame is always a selection (in Goddard’s words the frame is a matter of politics).

We decided to use an old record player to interpret Ortega’s work and to explore the idea of fragmenting and displaying and objects through its parts. For this, we will insert screens in the two front speakers, one top projection on the record and we want to explore some light texture to be display inside the back part of the device. Through different video sources we want to create a journey inside the device that will dissarm it and create a new understanding of it.

Here is a diagram of the multichannel video installation: